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Turkish-styled hip hop, trip hop, electronica, soul, Balkan Beats, you name it, from Istanbul club and chillout culture.

Hillbilly and blues musicians facing up to catastrophe and darkness.

The thinking behind this is knackered, but the music is great.

Tango is the national music of Finland (where Finns say it was invented) — more melancholic, less erotic than its Argentinian inspiration; the accordion, not the bandoneon. Examples here from 1915 till now.

The idea is wild, irrepressible pop music, all the rage at home but unheard of here. Representing Turkey, Mali, China, France, Russia, Jamaica, Spain, and the rest. Big hit with Charlie Gillett.

Samba, reggae, high life, southern funk, charanga, doowop and calypso — all inspired by the great man.

And I smell fish in a barrel.
Wait… now I smell vinyl.

A knockabout, entertaining trawl through John Peel’s load of old 78s.