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Armenia’s greatest living musician and the acknowledged master of the double-reeded duduk, with its unique, mournful sound. ‘Without doubt one of the most beautiful and soulful recordings I have ever heard,’ says Brian Eno.

Jahtari is 10! ‘Delay experts from all five continents: psychedelic dubs, soundsystem grenades and everything inbetween: from Australia to London, from Canada to Shanghai, from South Africa to Scotland - the musical compass always points towards deepness.’ Hats off to the crew.

Arthur Russell and Nicky Siano.
Rare and early, from back in 1984.

The Bristolian bad boy, ex of Skudge and R-Zone, touting a blazing cocktail of acid mayhem and Wormhole-era Ed Rush. Other bad influences, by turn: Bunker and mid-90s Metalheadz; the tension and darkness of Torque; the Vangelis whoosh.

Four aces from one of the brothers behind the dope Ilian Tape label, out of Giesing, Munich (where people surf in the river: youtube.com/watch?v=7S3lHFGfbyI). Spaced, rocking, multi-pronged. Warmly recommended.

Space jazz, grooving funk and svelte ambient composed for the celebrated late-70s anime TV series, by the You And The Explosion Band. Lashings of Korg. Well worth checking out.

EM’s creepy soundtrack to the 1970 thriller, distinguished by its vocal scoring. Soprano Edda Dee’Orso’s cascading lines mix unsettlingly with stabbing strings… brilliantly befitting the film’s Hitchcockian highlights.

With the Gruppo d’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza — the legendary avant-improvisation ensemble of which Morricone was a founding member — for Enzo Castellari’s 1971 film.

One of Morricone’s best scores, composed in 1971 for Rubartelli’s documentary about the super-model —a startlingly surreal, freaky, sombre journey of self-discovery in the Italian countryside.

Issued shortly after the teenager’s LP debut, with some of its songs (and some additions) re-recorded here in Italian, including her first single, her own composition Oh Oh Cheri.

Their playful, mysterious, charming, but long-forgotten soundtrack to an early-60s Italian cult movie. The great Helen Merrill is outstanding.

‘We dig. Around the clock.’
‘Hold onto yourself, Bartlett. You’re twenty feet short of the woods. The hole is right here in the open. The guard is between us and the lights.’

The Baton Rouge man’s first LP, from 1960, collecting various Excello classics. Searing electric guitar; brother-in-law Slim Harpo on harmonica; a no-prisoners rhythm section dosed with New Orleans r’n'b.