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Three unmissable Shorters: Speak No Evil, Schizophrenia (for Tom Thumb)... and this, Adam’s Apple, with Herbie Hancock, Reggie Workman and Joe Chambers in 1966. A rocking title track, a hard blues, some tasty bossa, and the first time out for Footprints.

With Larry Young, Elvin Jones and Bobby Hutcherson.

Utterly stupendous music from JG’s long wilderness years — radio recordings freshly dug out from 1965, three years after the austerely avant-garde brilliance of Free Fall kissed goodbye to any chance of a record deal, for the best part of a decade. Hotly recommended.

Excellent southern soul from 1972, with Willie Mitchell and the Hi team in Memphis: a mix of gospel (Ain’t Enough Hate, a terrific Jimmy Lewis song), country (an ace version of Harper Valley PTA), funk and blues. I’m Over You tells it straight… proper soul music.

Recorded one long hot night in July 1978. Sun Ra at the Rhodes, Disco Kid on guitar… deadly funk riffs, heady and tight. A classic.

The Arkestra’s answer to Ascension and Free Jazz.

Swingeing Chain Reaction vibes. Outstanding.

‘Calypso classics from 1928-1947 by legends like The Growler and The Lion as well as by some lesser known but great artists. Heavy topical songs, minor chord meditations on death, beautiful instrumentals and more… All true masterpieces.’

From 1927-9, haunting sacred blues, angelically sung, with accompaniment on the Dolceola miniature piano. One of our favourite Mississippis.

‘Our tribute to the music made in the U.S. between 1927 and 1948. Not only traditional genres (blues, old-time, Cajun), but also the music that was brought by the boatloads of immigrants coming to these shores.’

The first Mississippi compilation, back in print after seven years! Lovely and moving collection of vintage country blues, full of dread.

Master-works by the likes of Meunier, Gratchenfleiss, Addleston, Sudbury and Duibuisson, running back to George Babcotte’s monumental Dirge for the funeral of Sir Philip Sydney.