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How many fingers has the guy got? Truly jaw-dropping skill, from dazzling torrents of notes to beautiful simplicity, with a deeply spiritual undercurrent. In short, stunning and essential.

Beautiful, small-group boleros. Ibrahim’s last, attenuated sessions before his passing in 2005.

Ex-Honest Jon’s employee Nick Gold celebrates 20 years of his World Circuit label with this double. Includes previously unissued tracks plus smashers from Buena Vista, Ali Farka Toure et al.

The last record, sadly, by a giant of our time. But beautiful.

Two albums from the early 80s which made this king of Malian music known to the world. Here nicely packaged with notes, lyrics, photos. Highly recommended.

From 1990. Amadou Cisse on calabash, Mamaye Kouyate on ngoni.  Recorded in Brixton, with Steve Williamson on one track, and two Chieftains on another.

Taken from performances for Mali’s national radio in the 1970s, ‘when I was a fool for the guitar’.

Named after Farka Toure’s home village, where it was recorded. Beautiful sound.

Duets which bring together Ali’s desert style from the north of Mali and Toumani’s southern Manding traditions. Recorded in Bamako, 2004, with friends like Ry Cooder and Cachaito.

Gatemouth Brown, John Patitucci and other guests join Ali and Ry on this hugely successful album, recorded in LA in 1993.

The Groupe Asko recorded in 1991, with Taj Mahal on two tracks.