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The Equals, The Dirtbombs, Turkish Rock, Black Merda, Dave Bartholomew, Elvis…

Great early Mizell Brothers rarity from 1965, repressed by those fine folks at Wax Poetics.

More than two hundred classic LP sleeves — lovely, lovely stuff, mostly 1970s, reproduced seven-inch square — selected by the WP crew.

Mandrill in the house, along with DJ Andy Smith, Eddie Cheba, James Brown flyers, Marcos Valle, Nicole Willis, Leroy Burgess, Kenton Nix, Joe Sample and more.

Betty Davis, Joao Donato, Ornette, Phaoahe Monch, Marva Whitney, Steve Reid…

A group of US soldiers, stationed in Frankfurt on their way to Vietnam, on the face of it having second thoughts. Warm, homecooked, soulful vibes.