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Gussie destroyer, complete with dub.

Some Joe Gibbs classics — Rockers Nu Crackers, for example — and more recent stuff with Lloyd Campbell.

Stone classic rebel rock from the teen at Randy’s in 1973, riding the success of Java. The Barrett Brothers, Chinna, Zoot Simms and co on an Upsetters, Santics like Horace’s Problems, Guiding Star. Ever awesome.

Cutting his teeth at Impact! with Clive Chin. Funky as gibbons, tight as arseholes. The Heptones, Dee Brung, Swing Easy. An absolute killer dub lesson… ‘Leave mi studio, sah!’ Crucial crucial crucial crucial.

The key Tea — with Junjo and Scientist, the Radics and the High Times Players. A little loud.

A career retrospective. Calypso and soca classics — with a DVD of tributes and recent concert footage, but otherwise scantily presented.

‘What about the half that’s never been told? The half, the half, the half that’s never been told.’
The DVD is a film of a 1979 performance.

In fine voice over some tough Frenchie productions, with Sly And Robbie, and full crew.