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Writing in his best jumpcut style for an all-female, downtown-NY sextet — violin, cello, harp, piano, percussion, electronics — in honour of women in the Arts. With a 52-page booklet of images by Kiki Smith.

‘Rich and soulful… Influenced by the exotic melismas of cantorial singing, the counterpoint of Bach and the harmonic beauty of Alban Berg and Bill Evans’. Top-notch rhythm section; Zorn on one track.

Beautiful acoustic-guitar constructions out of bits of blues, folk, techno, flamenco and free.

‘the definitive collection of Ribot’s expressive and virtuosic solo music. Twisted, mangled and tortured, this instrumental tour-de-force is musical sacrilege at its best.’ (Tzadik)

Soul-stirring late recordings, with the guitarist fighting physical disability.

From 1966-67, the earliest known solo recordings.