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Soulful, enraptured excursion on God I God I Say, with a lovely melodica dub.

Storming steppers warning-tune. Great title, though advising bankers and politicians about karma seems a bit hopeful. Interminable run, short ketch.

Heavy, early-eighties roots extracted from the Roots Me Roots LP.
Tuff Scout in revival mode, coming clean with the dub.

Tremendous. Big Youth overflowing with good and righteous vibes; churchical organ, fruity trombone, punchy rhythm. Now… where’s that copy of Instant Coma?

The legendary digital destroyer in all its original glory, including the dub; and another murderous King Culture unveiled — soulful and limber. A double-headed ronto from Toronto. Killer.

The great UK MC retrieves his war chest from the potting shed.
An expert, moody Tuff Scout re-lick, with a haunting new vibes part and lethal effects.