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Nuff Poly-Rhythmo, Gnonnas Pedro and co.

Sublime Afro-Cuban styles from Guinea, the 1960s and 70s — Bembeya Jazz, Keletigi, Horaya Band, Orchestre Paillote and co.

Glittering sixties and seventies gems from Franco, Rochereau, Grand Kalle, Dr. Nico and co.

Fabulous dusties from Baobab, Sabor Band De Dakar, Idy Diop, Laba Sosseh, Amara Toure and co.

Stirring stuff from the back pages of this sublime, deep-roots singer from the city of Kita, in the heart of Mande country, in Mali — backed with ngonis, kora, balafon, djembe and chorus.

Classics, 1947-57. Inaugurating a Cuban series to run alongside African Pearls.

Third in the African Pearls series charts the two decades following Malian independence. Besides the rail bands and orchestras, refreshingly strong on ‘folklore’.

Home of one of the great African bands, Bembeya Jazz, adopted home of Stokely Carmichael and Miriam Makeba, Guinea ‘was the musical beacon of Africa’, as this splendid comp shows. Addictive.

What a start to this series! Wonderful Congolese rumba from Kinshasa and Brazzaville — the dazzling, voluptuous soundtrack to convulsive, bloody anti-colonial struggle — by Franco, Nico, Tabu Ley and full crew.