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Masterpiece. Top-drawer songwriting — thoughtful, soulful lyrics and ace tunes — and definitive performances.

The Heartbeat CD is the original single LP masterpiece — downright essential Studio One — supplemented by an extra eight bits and bobs.

Ska beast from the lake of fire with its garments dipped in blood. Plus From Russia With Love on the flip, for crying out loud. Japanese imports, with gorgeous silk-screened labels. Total destruction.

A rare Mittoo and a sublime version of the Curtis.

‘Fighting your brothers every day doesn’t make no sense at all. You walk down the road, you see an innocent man, you rob and stab and shoot him down. When you think it’s peace and safety, it’s sudden destruction.’

A generous portion of the Queen of Lovers, with classics like Consider Me and Where Have All The Good Men Gone.

Lovely stuff from Don Drummond, Tommy McCook, Roland Alphonso, Ernest Ranglin and the lads.

Earl Morgan — ‘the big break come when they release Fattie Fattie. They ban it on the radio but it was a number one seller.’