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Killer roots, with sublime singing, and nervily evocative playing and production.

Despatching Spear’s all-time-killer Rocking Time rhythm straight to the boundary. Boom. Plus the Sound Dimension dub (ghosted by Rodney). Lift up your heads, oh ye rebels.

Timeless, Gladiators-imprinted sufferers.

Sublime, fathoms-deep, weird shit from ‘Oral’ Cooke (who resurfaces at Bullwackies the following decade. That’s him drumming on Dance Hall Style; engineering Jamming In The Street).

Nuff niceness on a groovy re-cut of Shank I Sheck. Plus dub.

Irresistibly bumptious, dub-wise excursion on Solomon, with great backing vocals and percussion. More knees-up than eulogy. Do it Jah! (Big Spurs fan, Lone Ranger, by the way.)

Killer. Same school of dread, taut funk as Swell Headed. ‘I man no say what next man say, I like to prove things for myself… I man don’t like to get mix up.’ Tough dub.

Sublime Studio One masterpiece.

A soulful scorcher, with The Wailers on back-up; and a Jackie Opel smash on the flip.

Sublime spiritual roots, late Studio One style (though ‘I Am The Ruler’ Ellis aka King Rocky cut some top-notch rocksteady there, too). It would have fitted well on the Studio One Disco Mix compilation. Murder.