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Remastered with bonuses, (definitively) in tough mono, too; Chelsea Girl; the Scepter Studio version and excerpts from the Factory rehearsals, sounding great; two discs live in 1966, first issue; massive booklet.

Wonderful — a desert island disc. Vinyl from Klimt.

Top-quality Japanese vinyl reissue. The CD is from Virgin.
The 1975 ambient landmark, kissing off rock.

Her solo debut in 1970, backed by fellow Mutantes, with arrangements by Rogerio Duprat. A flamboyant, tainted pop album. It doesn’t sound like Nico at all, but its moves put her in mind.

The CD is in the Verve Originals series.

Our favourite Stanley Clarke album by a country mile, this is classic, deep space-jazz, with Andy Bey and Dee Dee Bridgewater singing.