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Slamming, synthy, late-80s funk somewhere between house, boogie and soul.
As tightly leather-trousered, moustachioed and keen as Prince and Rick James.

Bleeping, off-its-head disco… This is great.

An early, rare recording by James McCauley — aka Maggotron, who did The Bass That Ate Miami and Attack On The Planet Of Bass, amongst hundreds of records — marking the start of Miami Bass.

A thirty-year trail of musical souvenirs from the Soviet Union, Sweden, Los Angeles, Estonia. Including his very first home recording, from 1982, and something from Herbie Hancock’s personal studio.

The ‘Cassette Funk EP’: six tracks, twenty minutes, tape only.

Classy Chicago boogie from 1982… the same milieu as the Dazz Band and Kinsman Dazz.

Lost studio recordings towards an abandoned 1983 LP. Oklahoma boogie.

Indie, synthy, eighties soul and funk grooves from the 100 Per Cent Pure Poison veteran. Home-studio, TDK-C90 runnings.

From the sought-after cassette: eleven shots of electronic haze, keyboard waste and club-not-club, championed by Dam-Funk as ‘the real funk’.