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The surviving BBC broadcasts — including a conversation with Ted Hughes, and various readings.

Including the otter, mole cricket, corncrake, bittern and wildcat.

Including a colony of grey seals among the sand dunes of Lincolnshire; a Northumberland cliff face alive with kittiwakes and fulmars; waves lapping on a shingle beach; herring gull.

From the Antarctic to the Caribbean: the humpback whale, the blue whale, dusky dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, the walrus, harp seals, the courtship call of the male haddock.

Lengthy ambient recordings. A Sussex woodland, the New Forest, Dartmoor.

A jay that neighs like a horse; bullfinches that whistle traditional German folk tunes; a thrush copying a quail; a blackird imitating a computer modem; a starling that mimics an owl, a jackdaw and a chicken.

Forty of the most remarkable, among them the haunting black-throated diver, the delicate golden oriole, the ethereal kokako and rufous-throated solitaire. Check the Chiming Wedgebill and Gray Catbird samples.

The original broadcasts by Patrick Magee, Billie Whitelaw, Harold Pinter and others.