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‘Visceral, sonically bold works exploring the many possibilities of writing for strings, including howling glissandi, clustered pizzicatos and tremelos, the clatter of bouncing bows, and rich dynamics and colour.’

The first complete recording. ‘I would never have expected to see a downtown nightclub erupting with whoops after performances of four hypercomplex, cutting-edge string quartets by Iannis Xenakis’ (New York Times).

Music, interviews and testimonies from collaborators, specialists and others. IX himself in performance — Polytope de Mycenae, La Legende d’Eer and its Diatope, and the opera Oresteia.

His only work for magnetic tape (in collaboration with John Cage and Earle Brown); his soundtrack for two cellos to a film about Jackson Pollock, with narration by JP; some solo piano; something for Merce Cunningham…