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You get your money’s worth. Over And Over was co-produced with Randy Muller from Brass Construction: a nine-minute jazz-funk master-class… big Mancuso tune. Then a furious dancer; some slinky space funk.

The LP is a tasty LITA reissue; the CD adds complete alternative takes (including two versions of an unreleased song), a 5.1 original- album mix, and a forty-minute, subtitled documentary.

Southern rock, deep into blues and jazz, from Blind Willie McTell, to legendary, epic jam Whipping Post, to the Latino stormer Elizabeth Reed, with Duane’s slide making deep tips of the stetson to Coltrane. 180g.

Regularly slated as not ‘real’ Beefheart. Actually a fine, laid-back pop-blues album; and Van Vliet is still one of the greatest singers, whatever he’s doing.

With rarities and remixes.