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‘Indulge into the contents herein. It will stimulate your plasticity. The Zoo is here and you are a particle of it. A particle of reality. And, of course reality is a Zoo.’ Hippie psych-garage bollocks from 1969.

Where Janis Joplin covers Moondog’s All Is Loneliness.

A label sampler — late 60s/early 70s psych, nice and obscure.

Early-sixties grooving out in the Arabic styles of the Middle East, Berberian’s oud leading a small group including clarinet, qanun and percussion.
Heavy vinyl.

Partner of the Expressions East set. Heavy vinyl, too.

The trumpeter with David T Walker (guitar), Charles Kynard (organ), Herman Riley (tenor sax), Jackie Kelso (tenor sax, flute), Bill Perkins (tenor sax, flute) and co. Ace Cymande version.