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‘My favourite singer in the place was Karen Dalton. Karen had a voice like Billie Holiday’s and played the guitar like Jimmy Reed’ (Bob Dylan); ‘Without a doubt, she is my favourite singer’ (Devendra Banhart).

His first proper post-Elevators LP — some of his best music — ferocious, odd, late-70s rock about zombies, vampires and the Creature with the Atom Brain, with signature high-pitched vocal and squealing guitar.

‘New age at its best is a reverberation of psychedelic music, great by any standard. Analog, handmade; expressing soul and spirit; often with limited means, no commercial potential; self-published and distributed.’

Legendary Rome-1971 settings of the beat poet to a mix of acid folk, Tibetan chants, Indian drones, and avant-jazz, featuring trumpeter Cicci Santucci and Gianfranca Montedoro singing.

Full-on rock and roll — punk, rockabilly, blues — from 1986.

Anthologizing the period after his long incarceration at Rusk State Hospital for the criminally insane — his first live show (at a screening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre) up to Slander. With The Aliens and The Explosives.

His 1963 debut LP — the captivating storybook picture of every backwater burgh. ‘It’s little and it’s lonesome. You won’t find it on any map, but you can take three steps in any direction and you’re in Trouble.’

Their version of the Donnie And Joe Emerson, backed with the original, on blue vinyl.