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Re-working Peepers in a more hip-hop direction, featuring Jyager at the mic.

‘More direct and raw – a drier, purer, more intimate sound, with hardly any embellishment beyond the percussion. We always try to approach songs with a different energy, and here we felt a need to try to purify.’

Magical but pellucid, searching and raw. Drums and voice augmented this time by Hildur Gudnadottir’s spooked, quasi-religious choral arrangements; recorded by Ben Frost. The opener especially is tremendous.

A sumptuous, sublime doing over of the Parades album, with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. The CD comes with a DVD including an hour of concert footage, a 35-minute behind-the-scenes, various videos.

Partly recorded in a remote Moldovan village with members of Fanfare Ciocarlia (and polished off in Albuquerque with a little help from a nineteen-year-old, pre-Beirut Zach Condon).

Drummer and Chain Reaction veteran Sasu Ripatti with reeds and Craig Armstrong’s keys — and a jazzy, acoustic new direction, developed in the darkness and isolation of Finnish winter inside the Arctic Circle.

Processing recordings of seventeenth-century French Baroque music — a genius like Couperin, for example, the cheek of it — by an ensemble including harpsichord, viola da gamba and flute, and a mezzo soprano.