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First time out for this 1980 dub companion to Flick Wilson’s School Days LP. (Nine out of its ten tracks are here, rounded off with a selection from Wayne Jarrett’s What’s Wrong LP.) Super-tough, prime Scientist.

Fluent reasoning on the deadly Brooklyn recipe for Hot Milk.

Magnificent, delirious Black Ark productions missing from all editions of the classic Love Thy Neighhbour set, except the very first. Crucial dubwise nyabinghi.

Dancehall double-whammy — herb anthem with dub, and discomix state-of-the-world bulletin.

Super-heavy piece of Green Bay Killing, with an unreleased dub; and a Shaolin Temple excursion on the flip, with a tough Scientist.

Shaolin Temple outings run on dubplate back in the day by Jah Life’s sound in NY and Junjo’s Volcano sound in Jamaica, now released for the first time ever.

Start-to-finish killer combination of heavier-than-lead Roots Radics rhythms, wild Scientist mixing, and the Flick’s unique singing, often falsetto. Kicking off with an Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.

Celebrated late-eighties soundboy business — another of his very best, revived at last.

Ace, quirky one-away — effervescent singing on a bubbling rhythm, with ticking drums and deft keyboard interjections.

Highly recommended — previously unreleased digi fire from the same sessions and mould as He Was A Friend.

Broader than Broadway and randier than a rabbit. ‘I go to the travel agents, and I buy a ticket, the airport where me reach, lord, that a Gatwick. And I go to Jetstar…’

Multiple Jah Lifes on Murderer, this week. Overkill (as the man called Basil Brush would say).