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Hissing, worrisome dub-techno: less improvisational and mercurial than to date; more contemplative, stickier. NMS nods to 2000 Black-era Dego; Last Snare cuts vintage house vocals into a percussion stomper.

Ferocious, grimey breakbeat and techno — dubwise but cut-throat, new-school but clued-up. Check those vintage Nubian Mindz rolls to start; and One Step for deadly, Mabrak-style drum-talk. 180g as per.

Urgent new forays into the Hadean coils of classic techno, jungle, grime and dub. Big-bottomed, nitty-gritty studies in dread, running edginess hard into craft, the here-and-now into the space-world.

Heartically dubwise, rugged and raw essays in classic grime, UK garage and dubstep from a new London-Berlin collaboration, with stuff like Horsepower’s In Fine Style galloping through its nervous system.