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‘Fervid streams of fever-dreamy drones’, after the guitarist’s long trip to Nepal and India. ‘Think of Atlas Nation as a surreal aural travelogue that takes a giant step beyond Jon Hassell’s Fourth World music.’

At his most intimate and reflective, spinning out beautiful late-night ragas and guitar explorations both delicate and heartfelt. A bunch of Six Organs is back in the shop this week — this is the best way in.

Hypnotic semi-acoustic mantras with spirits, bells and percussion from the driving opener to live favourite Silent Prayer. With Ethan Miller on sitar (Somewhere Between) and melting heads on the closer.

All the early, self-released singles.

‘Powerful blues foot-stomp, backward interludes, strange strings feedback, dark, tabla-infused vibrations, and the amazing debut of Chasny’s electric guitar as a lead instrument.’ His third album.

‘Acoustic and electric guitars, a detuned violin, organ, electronics and koto… an acid folk duet, an epic, three-part space suite, and two shorts that entice hidden memories of having bees in your mouth.’

‘Heavy, acoustic guitar and mumbled vocalizations merge with out-there jamming… bare-bones — most cuts are just dressed up with overdubbed chimes and bells, three are direct-to-tape.’