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The best compilation of The Skatalites’ work at Studio One.

Some deadly Niney here, like Through The Fire I Come.

The first JA vocal album onto the ark. Dazzling devotional singing — almost too much beauty.

Fantastic, fountain-head deejaying loaded with upful verbal brilliance (and signature cocks crowing, shrill yeah-yeah-yeahs) over the best vocal performances of the greatest Studio One rhythms then available.

Essential rock steady, newly remastered on CD, with extra tracks.

For all its omissions and puzzling choices, still well worth having, with several previously-unreleased tracks, and a couple of killers.

Up and down stuff, but worth it for Mr. Bassie, Fever and especially the stricken funky blues of New Broom. Oh Lord, Why Lord is a cover of Parliament, believe it or not.

Niney The Observer classics.