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Totally killer Jah Guidance twelve from 1982. Heavy, heavy Radics rhythm from Channel One, with burning horns and deadly Scientist effects. The great singer nails it through the heart. Two dubs. Knockout record.

Whoompf. Utterly killer. Roots Radics, Scientist at Tubby’s, Barry Brown on top form.

Majestic 1982 LP with Junjo at Channel One.

With Junjo and Soldjie at Channel One. Including the smash Diseases (in which Jah licks trouser-wearing women with ‘elephantiasis… the other one is the poliomyelitis… arthritis and the one diabetes’).

Channel One murder. Burning horns, thundering bass, signature touches like the strangulated guitar; impassioned singing, angry and hurt. Scientist nails the dub… Dance Of The Vampires.

At Channel One in 1979; Naggo Morris up front.

Resplendent roots in its full twelve-inch glory. Sly and Robbie on call. A beefy, crystal-clear, house-sleeved, perfect riposte to the scrappy old bootleg out recently.

The best recordings by our favourite vocal group in reggae, back around on vinyl.