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Four screen-printed sleeves, oversized booklet; everything, plus rare versions like Walter Gibbons’ Go Bang!, and all the alias material. EU only.

Excellent 1978 solo debut of the P-Funk keyboardist — with Bootsy, George Clinton, the Brides Of Funkenstein, Eddie Hazel, Fred Wesley, Maceo, the lot.

With David Axelrod in 1970.

Timeless funky blues (including Evil) from 1969, produced by Charles Stepney and Gene Barge for Chess.

Classy early-eighties soul. Various Get On Down CD reissues in this week, all nicely turned out in LP-style cardboard sleeves, with obi and plastic wallet.

The Impulse! classic — with Bill Plummer on sitar, Carol Kaye, Emil Richards and co — in a spivvy cardboard cover. With the Pete Rock, T.R.O.Y. sample.