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Two beautiful 1962 albums: Muito A Vontado, JD on piano, with the likes of Sebastian Netto and Milton Banana, authentic Brazilian jazz; Bossa Nova Carnival, devoted to his music, with Dave Pike, Kenny Burrell…

Brilliant score for the Roman Polanski film.

Mid-fifties recordings.

Fourteen late-50s bad boys, plus various contemporary interpretations, including five by Juliette Greco.

Elis Como E Porque and Elis In London — two late-sixties LP classics.

Vinicius’ rich, cultured, feeling riposte to the commercialization of Bossa Nova, with accompaniment from the great guitarist — whose solo album A Vontade is thrown in — and the Quarteto Em Cy.

1969 pop harmony vocal album, produced by David Axelrod.

Drawn from four LPs issued at the end of the sixties by Skye — including the scorcher Solar Heat — his label venture with Gary McFarland and Gabor Szabo.

The great bossa nova singer who devoted her career to the compositions of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Jazz, bossa, psychedelia, raga, Stones, Hungarian folk, orchestral and film music from Verve, Prestige and Impulse!

Arcana and Ionisation; also works by Lou Harrison, Silvestre Revueltas, Carlos Chavez and Oliver Messiaen.

The Bacchanal and 1969 LPs.

Featuring Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Her first album, from 1958, a year before her collaboration with Bill Evans — startling for its fragile melancholy, but still swinging — combined with both sides of all her early EPs, now highly sought after.