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Gale-force masterpiece.

All three volumes, with each disc enhanced, containing archival photos, critical writings and historical videos, including the eighteen-minute documentary Sun Ra Spaceways.

The guitarist’s album debut from 1976 — meditative, open and reaching — with Oliver Lake, David Murray and Leo Smith.

The 1966 live LP augmented by more than ninety minutes from the same five dates.

From 1966, burning, mostly free-form, a quintet featuring the missus Barbara Donald’s brilliant trumpet-playing, and an up-and-coming John Hicks.

With different lineups in 1966, including pianists Ran Blake, Burton Greene and Dave Burrell; and Giuseppi Logan.

Spacey, original, uncompromising improvisation, from 1972, coming out of the AACM, with a striking lineup: Jerome Cooper on percussion, Sirone on bass, Leroy Jenkins on violin.

Back in — the legendary Latin soul recordings of a Harlem youth project led by Montego Joe (who reminisces here on the closing track) — enough funk bass, burning horns and heavy drums to tear up any party.

The 1965 recording debut of her amazing jazz vocals, kicking off a tradition also starred by Yoko, Galas and Sidsel Endresen. Her fourteen minutes of Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair, good grief.

With Gato Barbieri, Karl Berger, Bo Stief and Aldo Romano, showcasing his new Blue Note album — still powerful, joyous, inspired.

With Sun Ra’s Marshall Allen — blistering here — and Dewey Johnson, and Eddie Gomez and Milford Graves, and Ornette Coleman in spirit, this is great.

Primitive rhythms and offbeat pop by this one-man-band (laptop, guitar, vocals), going since the 1970s, and championed by Animal Collective and Half Japanese.

Ornette brought the pianist to ESP in 1965. This luminous session is as out as anything Cecil Taylor had yet done. With Milford Graves and Gary Peacock.

Ayler’s great bassist — with the under-appreciated clarinettist Perry Robinson in full flight.

With fellow percussionist Sonny Morgan.

From 1964 and still firing — with Milford Graves, Eddie Gomez and Don Pullen.

Don Chery (trumpet), Gato Barbieri (tenor sax), Karl Berger (vibes), Bo Stief (bass), Aldo Romano (drums).

Milford Graves (percussion), Leroi Jones (vocals), Roswell Rudd (trombone), John Tchicai (alto saxophone), Lewis Worrell (bass).

Essential 1964 recordings with Sunny Murray (drums), Gary Peacock (bass) and Don Cherry (trumpet).

The fabulous drummer with Jacques Coursil on trumpet, Byard Lancaster on alto, and Alan Silva on bass. Digitally remastered with new artwork, and liner notes by Russ Musto. Also contains interviews with Murray.

Firt time out for this live quintet session — with Karl Berger and Gato Barbieri — from the Copenhagen club. The DVD is a general ESP artist sampler.