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The Austrian guitarist with Larry Grenadier and Brian Blade, lyrical and grooving by turns.

The wonderful bandoneon player. ‘The work is alive with different genres: from dances such as zamba to carnavalito to chacarera… the tango… the milonga, wounded yet strong, intrinsic yet expressive.’

The Norwegian guitarist — a disciple of Jim Hall — joined by the saxophonist Trygve Seim and the trio of star Polish pianist Marcin Wasilewski.

Choral settings of the intense, rough, heavily-worked prose, propelled by KB’s small ensemble. (Influenced by Strindberg and the Norwegian anarchist Hans Jaeger, EM wanted to be a writer as well as an artist.)

Alluring duets by Swedish nickelharpa and accordion, inspired by Bach’s sonatas and Pergolesi. (You might recall Matinier from sessions with Anouar Brahem and Louis Sclavis.)

With Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette.

Holy moly, June Tabor on ECM. ‘Quercus’, ‘oak’: ‘roots deep in British folk music; leaves and branches reaching upward in jazz-inspired lyrical improvisation.’ With Iain Ballamy and Huw Warren.

Nicolas Masson (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Roberto Pianca (guitar), Emanuele Maniscalco (drums).

A charged, mystical, batty blend of folk, chant, modern-classical and jazz improvisation, performed solo — singing, playing violin and karimba. One-of-a-kind; recommended.

Duets covering Gershwin, the Duke, Strayhorn, a Billie Holiday, a Beach Boys… I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan via The Band… The title suite is a deeply moving CL original, about his great-great-grandmother.

Inspired by the great poet Wislawa Symborska, who died last year. Ace NY quartet. Full of dread and life, tersely sophisticated, imbued with Miles. Monk and Andrew Hill in the pianism. Always recommended, TS.

New chants, hymns and dances for piano trio, inspired by visions from Swift, Fourier, Calvino — seeking ‘a new harmonic balance between archaic modal pre-tonal chant, pure tonal songs and abstract texture’.

Lyrical, open playing, inspired by Homer. Superb band: Craig Taborn, David Virelles (the harmonium is very effective), Larry Grenadier, Eric Harland. Potter’s a great saxophonist. Warmly recommended.

Terrific solo guitar recordings of the Catalan’s own compositions — in the flamenco tradition, but also nodding to Baroque music, specifically Bach.