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With Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams. Not a bad lineup.

People from Hot Chip, This Heat and Spring Heel Jack recording songs (mostly) by Alexis Taylor — over a single day, to keep things spontaneous and fresh.

Reissued with a second disc of acoustic live performances and B-sides, closing with a tenacious new go at a luminous Dylan masterpiece, from John Wesley Harding.

This selection of dusties is a great way in, and nicely done, in a rigid card gatefold.

Joy Orbison and Roska remixes.

A bracing and audacious mesh of their dazed Beach Boys kind of thing with jacked-up electronic dance. Great stuff.

The Glaswegians at large, from Chris Watson to Mulatu.

Live in Scotland with Alex Neilson and Harem Scarem.

The first of his to get, definitely — timeless, one-off magic.