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Michael Jardine producing himself at Tuff Gong in 1982.

The queen of JA Lovers on a tough version of Rockfort Rock, supervised in the late-seventies by Prince Far I.

Terrific, rare Fight Fight excursion about doing a sho-w in Toronto-w, with tough freaking synths.

His debut record, and arguably his best, with The Revolutionaries horny and tough. The dub runs the rhythm out of Babylon.

Brand new music from the Bullwackies studio in the Bronx. Expressive sufferers over a sublime, floating, melodica-lit rhythm, plus Batta with a deejay version, and two dubs.

Sleng Teng in the mix.

All-time classic late-nineties digi from Sydney Francis and Dennis Fearon.
Digikiller’s finest moment by far, this week’s devastating double-header.

All-time classic late-eighties digi from Sydney Francis and Dennis Fearon.

Horace ‘Lawyer’ Martin’s next version to his own Me Rule classic. Produced by Winston ‘Prince Huntley’ Dakin, taking time out from his Modernize Printery, around the corner from Channel One.

Only an unmissable next dub of the titanic Tell Me That You Love Me rhythm, for crying out loud.

On the great Love Me rhythm, but with a message seemingly drawn from later in the relationship, and a different dub.

Tough roots, wicked horns, killer dub.

Top-notch roots; and another great Vassell-Williams dub.
Check out the lovely photos of these sessions — and portraits of TB and CM now — on the Digikiller blog.

His first recording, originally released in the mid ‘70s on the Percival label, and recorded at Dynamic Sound with the Now Generation Band. Nice and chunky.

Profoundly serious and intense, spiritual yet engaged, with tersely imperious musicianship and dubbing, both sides are total knockouts. Pop-a-top Channel 1 to rock your soul, whatever you’re into.

Previously-unreleased, magnificent Channel One, with the Gladiators band backing the Riders’  best Black Uhuru impressions.

Don’t miss this. Trenchant, beautiful, rocking roots, with wailing sirens, soul organ and see-them-a-come civitas — cut for Errol ET Thompson in the early 80’s.

Sublime, mid-tempo, vocal-harmony roots from Channel One.

Originally out in the mid-eighties on Under Pressure, this lays ace JA group harmony singing over a tasty, upful mixture of live and digi music-making, Sly And Robbie style.

Ebullient group-harmony, originally on Sonic Sounds’ Thunderbolt imprint. Lovely stuff.