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Enthralling, diverse trumpet improvisation, with overdubbing and looping, by this collaborator of Parker, Brotzmann, Gustafsson and co. Heavyweight vinyl in lovely hand-screenprinted wrap, fine DW style.

‘Cello and voice trade places, merge and tangle to create a storm, a wave, a crackling fire. But each gust is framed by the hush tones of two strangers meeting for the first time.’ Lovely looking.

Blissful, free drones, with rhythmic sticks and bells, dense guitars, laptops, keyboards, voice and toys, from the Nottingham scene focussed on the A-Band collective and the Vibracathedral Orchestra.

Wonderful new collection from Lavinia Blackwall (vocals, harmonium, cello, harp) and Alex Neilson (vocals, drums, psaltery). Haunted trad folk meets explosive free jazz. Highly recommended, very limited.