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Don’t miss this. Utterly seductive, driving rock steady from the Webber sisters in 1968. (They’re not called the Tonettes because they’re overweight.) Check this artwork: www.johnnyspencer.info/Page18.htm

Ace rocksteady version of the Sam Cooke; and a wicked Jackie Mittoo on the flip, with King Sporty wigging out. Shower the sounds, shake your money-maker… Rhythm Street, where the beat is sweet for dancing feet.

Brilliant, indomitable cover of The Temptations, still charged. On the other side, You Turned Away is soulful and dramatic… Vintage Heptones.

Party-wrecking, uproarious deejay-duel on Full Up, with an ace dub. ‘Here in Jamaica we got the Prime Minister… we got the Minister Of Labour… We want a Minister For Ganja.’
Flash it!

Heart-melting, close-harmony rocksteady — a dapper mixture of naivety and self-determination, beautifully expressed — previously extremely hard to find on blue UK Coxsone. Flip’s a winner, too.

OG had been a UK-resident for five years by the time of this Brenton Wood cover, recorded here during the Soul Vendors 1967 tour. (One night Jimi Hendrix was the support.) A Procul Harem on the flip.

With a sweet Hamlins on the flip. From the compilation Studio One Schmaltz, out in time for Christmas. Superior Dub Store pressing.

Lovely Impressions impressions on the eve of the group’s departure from Brentford Road.

Heavy, slowed-down Green Island excursion, revisited as a duet with the mighty Lennie Hibbert. Originally a Down Beat dubplate special.

Chipper instrumental of The Melodians’ famous chart-buster about slavery, loss and displacement — backed with a rocking, hurting Alcapone and Ken Boothe, tearing away homeward in the mind.