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With the Roots Radics in 1982. Heavy extended-version Jah Thomas productions, with Scientist and Tubby at the desk.

His tough third LP, recorded with the Revolutionaries at Channel One, at the end of the 70s; mixed by Scientist at Tubbys and Douglas Levy at Bullwackies.

On a hard set of Revolutionaries rhythms, including a version of his mentor Johnny Clarke’s Ride On Girl. Originally out on dodgy ole Burning Sounds in 1979; now on coloured vinyl from dodgy ole Clocktower.

Grooving Lloyd Charmers version of the Ben E. King.

Classic, stuffed with Lee Perry monsters like War In A Babylon.

Vintage Tubbys, with some Jacob Miller stuff for Inner Circle — and Shake Down.
Coloured vinyl. Get Down CD.

Nice secret-weapon version of Baltimore.

Dub masterpiece, our best-selling reggae album over the decades. Shanachie is the dearer and superior CD. Clocktower coloured vinyl and cheaper CD.

Lee Perry business.