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Barney Wilen, Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark, Bernard Guerin, Eddie Gaumont: free jazz accompaniments to Jean Rollin’s experimental horror. Not exactly a soundtrack — these are the original, unedited performances.

Partch collaborator, late-50s NYC. Drums, rattles, bells, gongs, cymbals, blocks… whistles, pipes, bits of wood and tin… glasses, elastic bands, coils, wire… piano… free vocals, clapping, stomping…

Melodic, fragile, enchanting music for the trippy Juliette Greco film, plus rare bits and bobs. ‘Layered, looped vocals, gossamer female voices, plucked strings, white noise wind, brooding treated piano.’

Vannier collaborator births Finders Keepers’ new imprint with a late-sixties knockabout conceptual-pop riposte to musique concrete: found sound, industrial noise, piano jazz, avant orchestration, signature cimbalom.

The original 1957 performance — kotos and marimbas alongside HP varieties like the Chromelodeon and the Harmonic Canon — with splendid artwork including rare documents and photographs.

Foundational electronic tape music from the early 1950s: manipulations of flute, bells and woodwind, invoking the Unknown (not to mention early Kraftwerk). The sleeve is a lovely Ronald Clyne, pre-Folkways.