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See Mi Yah remixes. A triumphant end to the series.

Burial Mix numbers 6 to 12, classic after classic, like King In My Empire, Queen In My Empire, We Been Troddin’.

The dubs of Burial Mix numbers 6 to 12.

With Cornel Campbell. Killer.

With The Chosen Brothers — in this instance Bullwackies himself.

With The Chosen Brothers: a reworking of the heaviest cut on Prince Douglas’ Dub Roots album. Bullwackies on the mic, then and now.

With Tikiman. The first Burial Mix.

When Japanese soundman Killasan played Jennifer Lara the Cornel version of this deadly rhythm, she insisted on making her reply.

With Shalom, aka Steve Harper, another long-time Wackies trooper, who had given up music for Christianity during the previous four years, and was coaxed to the mic here by Lloyd Barnes.

With Jah Batta (more than twenty years after his great Wackies session).

Collecting the first five Burial Mix tens, all featuring Tikiman, with their dubs.

See Mi Yah remixes. Sweet Substance is Pete, one half of the Scion project (with Rene, aka Vainqueur).