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Alexander Hawkins at the Hammond C3, alongside two label stalwarts, in trio improvisations for Bo’ Weavil’s new, handsome, very limited Sidra Editions.

Powerful, fierce free improvisation, crossed with avant-rock, bringing together Steve Noble, John Edwards and Alex Ward. A numbered edition of three hundred, on heavy vinyl, with thick, hand-assembled covers.

‘Zadik Zecharia’s zorna playing is a powerful relentless blast of beauty. The drone-like qualities that engulf both the listener and player are unyielding in their intensity from start to finish.’

Terrific — lit-up, reaching and odd — Josephine playing harp, guitar and piano (and singing), with Alex Nielson on drums and Victor Herrero, lead guitar.

Shirley Collins — ‘I like this CD very much, and I loved Wake up Sleepers, and Wedding Song in particular. Sharron has a great voice - it’s very strong and clear and with a hard edge that is both beautiful and compelling to listen to.’

Bringing together traditional English and Appalachian folksongs, performed with a lovely ‘at home’ intimacy from this trio of Sharron Kraus and Espers’ Meg Baird and Helena Espvall.

A fine collection of improvisations for nylon and steel string guitar from sound-artist, guitarist and Eidetic Band member Rob Mullender. Evoking the likes of Davey Graham and Hans Reichel.