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His best album, with three bonus tracks, including A Night In Tunisia, and a live version of Damn Nam (Ain’t Goin’ To Vietnam).

The best of the Flying Dutchmans.

More lovely funk, Latin jazz and soul, bridging the Dust Yourself Off and Joyous albums. Kicks off with a bumping collaboration with Wayne Henderson and Side Effect, much sampled — and features Ghettos Of The Mind.

With a Latinized moog version of Gimme Shelter, a Johnny Otis, and a brilliant reading of Tito Puente’s Ran Kan Kan.

At last the bigger picture — the chunky, lubricious, classy funk of William Daron Pulliam, out of seventies California.

Some great Tom Moulton here. The Patti Jos are essential.

The Uruguayans’ first, best Milestone album — Airto producing, Hermeto Pascoal guesting, with the jazz-dance bomb African Bird. A buzzing, seamless blend of jazz-fusion flash with diverse rootical influences.

Quality dancers, proto-disco and ballads from Janice Barnett, flopping for Fantasy in 1976 — including the sweet slowie Goody Two Shoes, and the floor-filler I Told You So, evergreen with Beach and Northern fans.

An attempt to emulate the commercial success of his bro Nat’s Soul Zodiac, hot on its heels — same personnel in full flight, notably George Duke, and David Axelrod producing, but with extra sexological sauce.

Colombian salsa from its sixties roots through till the mid-seventies, covering all the big names. Another Discos Fuentes comp — and a bit glib, that subtitle — but fabulous music, of course.