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An afternoon in Osaka, 1975. With an On The Corner kind of gang — Sonny Fortune, Pete Cosey, Reggie Lucas, Michael Henderson, Al Foster and Mtume. ‘The greatest electric funk-rock jazz record ever made’ (Allmusic).

Their seminal 1979 debut — post-punk meets reggae meets street-smart feminism — with Dennis Bovell at the mixing board. 180g vinyl. Deluxe double CD edition with demos and rough sketches.

And things start getting a lot stranger… classic Scott action from 1969… It’s Raining Today, We Came Through, If You Go Away etc.

That’s it, then, career over… genius Scott from 1969… The Seventh Seal, Boy Child, etc.

With Brigitte Bardot. Flirty and very entertaining. The title track is great tropicalia.

Vini Reilly’s 1980 debut on Factory, alongside Martin Hannett on keyboards and producing: guitar-based instrumentals melding rock, folk, classical, electronica and avant.

Dazzlingly eclectic post-bossa from Brazil, 1972.

Her second album of English folk, from 1971, produced by Ron Geesin. John Peel called her ‘the best lady singer-songwriter in the country’.

The classic 1970 debut with Beverley Martyn. Rehearsed in Woodstock, with Levon Helm guesting on a couple, Joe Boyd producing. Lovely.

Surprising, percussive Afro-jazz, recorded by Alain Gouraguer in 1964, with the hits New York USA and Couleur Cafe.

‘Second, final album for Deram, originally out in 1971. An absolute classic of melancholy (borderline morbid) folk-rock somewhere between Pearls Before Swine, Leonard Cohen, and a suicide prevention hotline.’

Classic 1967 debut re-pressed on heavyweight vinyl.

His second Blue Note, from 1969, with Elvin Jones and Jimmy Lyons, like Ghetto Music headily brewing together funky grooves, a gospel street choir, and late-sixties free-form freakery.

1968 leader’s debut for the trumpeter, who came up under Kenny Dorham, jammed with Jackie Mac and Trane, chipped into Unit Structures and Of Peace And Love, besides decades with Ra (thing like Lanquidity).

The complete live recordings, 1963-1971.
The Rev-Ola CD is pictured (with extras). The vinyl is entitled Other Side Of This Life.

Warm, comfy and loose — unashamedly inchoate — for Capitol in 1967.
Nice Percy Mayfield cover.

1971 masterwork, after Shaft. Kicks off with a killer Jackson Five… a Bacharach And David, two Curtises, a little Philly… Ike’s Rap, as sampled by Tricky et al. In the original cruciform fold-out sleeve. Baaad.

Six classic original LPs re-pressed on 180g vinyl, beautifully sleeved and boxed, with a poster, a postcard, and a t-shirt (size L only). The dog’s bollocks. Prices include postage.