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Fabulous feminist boogie-rap from early-eighties NYC, originally out on Rissa Chrissa off-shoot Applegold. Totally infectious no-shit party jam.

Classic Miami soul, originally on Blue Candle, from this Jazzman imprint.

Boogie murder from 1981, with a fiercely soulful female vocal, and classic Larry Levan remixes.

Cosmo-Balearica hugely in-demand since featuring on DJ Harvey’s legendary Sarcastic Mix. Sultry female vocals and twinkling synths over a killer slo-mo groove.

The first time out for these honey-voiced odes to domesticity — alternately buoyant and sobering — produced by Earl Wiley in Chicago in 1972.

Hard-swinging, bluesy jazz-rock jams recorded by the Hot Rats electric violinist for MPS in the early-seventies (with Harvey Mandel and Larry Taylor from Canned Heat). Cup Full runs over fourteen minutes.

Alyo is the hardest, funkiest track from the album (with Malcolm from The Heliocentrics on drums); Flipside wobbles and woozes, tippy-toes and pirouettes, with Mingus in its b-boy bones.

Arthur Russell in 1986 — with a killer Walter Gibbons excursion.

With a dead classy 2000 Black mix by Dego and Kaidi.

Two sides of unreleased, vintage Minneapolis funk by the Exciters front-man.
As with the 94 East, the flipside is exclusive to this seven.