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Monumental loopy-lou reggaefied disco from 1977 — proto-house as massive in Chicago as it was at Mancuso’s Loft and the Paradise Garage.

Classic, early-eighties disco-boogie.

Great record: a couple of unreleased 80s synth gems — dark, warped proto-techno — with exceptional remixes by Kink and Morgan Geist (digging back a lot deeper than electro-pop or nouveau-disco).

Merrily lubricious Salsoul floor-filler masterminded by Tommy ‘Bump ‘N’ Hustle’ Stewart.
It don’t take a lot to shake what you got.

Backed with Pal Joey’s dub of How Do You Say… Love.

The Donna McGhee flag-bearers back with some classic 1980 disco. Producer Ken Gold (from The Real Thing) deep in Chic territory. Ricky Bailey does full justice to the smart lyrics.

Laidback, jazzy, sultry disco — with the Balearic classic TV Scene, a dreamy Bacharach And David, and porny, grooving Stay. Standout is the extended mix of the kinky My Boss, big DJ Harvey record.

You get your money’s worth. Over And Over was co-produced with Randy Muller from Brass Construction: a nine-minute jazz-funk master-class… big Mancuso tune. Then a furious dancer; some slinky space funk.

Slamming, synthy, late-80s funk somewhere between house, boogie and soul.
As tightly leather-trousered, moustachioed and keen as Prince and Rick James.

B/w First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder.

Arthur Russell and Nicky Siano.
Rare and early, from back in 1984.