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Hot 1981 mix of ESG-style no wave, revolutionary jazz rap, Latin, loft harmolodics and plain old nasty funk, with players from Prime Time and Defunkt, and the bands of Rollins, Eddie Gayle and Johnny Pacheco.

Following up on the New York Art Quintet record for ESP — Leroi Jones mixing together Black nationalist politics and Motown soul, classic blues and doowop, at his Spirit House in Newark, for the Jihad label.

From 1959, on-the-spot recordings of New York street-kids improvising with drums, bottles and sticks, making up songs, raps and mini-dramas.

Jazzy, percussive philosophising in the school of the Watts Prophets and Last Poets. Produced in 1971 by Billy Guy of The Coasters.

Some putrid sexism here, and some blowhard political posturing — also some firing free-jazz-oetry to give the Last Poets a West Coast run for their money.