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The 4 Men With Beards vinyl is without the stereo versions (and none the worse off).

1970 classic with five self-penned songs, and covers of Dr John, BB King, Jimmy Reed and Carole King. Backing by The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, Jim Dickinson, Duane Allman.

The 4 Men With Beards vinyl carries just the first ten tracks listed, like the original release.

Curtis steered the Queen back on track in 1976 with this majestic, but pared-down production (not exactly a soundtrack), with plenty of killers, like Something He Can Feel, soul heaven.

Fab, zinging Aretha, pre-Atlantic, with the dodgy jazz and showtunes sifted out, and two recordings previously unreleased — the self-penned I Still Can’t Forget, and When They Ask, recorded when she was just 19.