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Fret not, rudie — giddying, solid-gold killers abound in this haul of Upsetters dub-plates and alternate mixes. Pablo’s here, Junior Murvin, Bucky Skank, History Of Captivity, Billie Jean… Towering, sick genius.

Super-heavyweight Family Man, Billie Jean business.
The dub is exclusive to this essential seven-inch.

Actually, this time derived mostly from rare sevens, still not reissued, a handful of which makes this essential, like Jack Lord’s killer Economic Crisis; with extra dubplate pressure applied for good measure.

Previously unreleased version of Junior Murvin’s False Teacher, with Augustus Pablo at the Black Ark. The flip is from a dubplate, and only otherwise available on this seven.

Originally released in 1980: the final work to emerge from the Black Ark studio, before its permanent destruction, crossing the soundworld of Roast Fish Collie Weed And Cornbread into new hybrids.

Easily worth it just for the horns cut of Vampire.

‘Grab your towel, brother Hywel, scrub your bowel… You gotta be clean… to be on the scene.’

JA 45s from 1968 till 1973.

Gorgeous Rock A Shacka / Drum And Bass reissues from Japan. Silk-screened labels to die for. Killer Studio One ska originally out on C And N, Clement And Norma, Mr and Mrs Dodd.

Sixteen cuts of prime-period Black Art, all unreleased music or unreleased mixes (bar the Althea And Donna); mostly from master-tape, some dub-plates. Surely worth it just for The Fantels.

‘Run for cover now / I’m takin’ over / So please step aside / Because I ain’t gonna sympathise / Boy I’m gonna lay it on / From dusk till dawn / With a right to the head and a left to the cheek / (Musically)…’ From 1967 with Lynn Taitt, straight to the head of Coxsone Dodd.

Raw, stripped, auratic, Black Ark funk — the Final Weapon rhythm as Zen tutelage, no doubt inspired by Niney, with signature cowbell, scrubby guitar, bass bubbling in the pocket, The Upsetter mixing on the spot.

What a stunning turn-up! Never before released, here is the greatest producer in reggae at the very peak of his powers — sounds like 1977 — running the first, pre-Black Uhuru version of Love Crisis. That’s right.