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Ace rocksteady version of the Sam Cooke; and a wicked Jackie Mittoo on the flip, with King Sporty wigging out. Shower the sounds, shake your money-maker… Rhythm Street, where the beat is sweet for dancing feet.

Arguably the first, surely one of best of all Jamaican gun tunes, banned in 1966 by JA radio but picked up by Blackwell. Roy Richards wanders off into Three Blind Mice, halfway through.

Sublime Studio One masterpiece.

Sublime, rootical, elliptical warning about a variety of blistering, dangerous pest all of us have to cross vines with. The small garden that gathers the bitter weed. Enid on backing vocals. Lovely and profound.

The Cables, Larry Marshall, Slim Smith, The Termites, Willie Williams, The Viceroys.

The best compilation of The Skatalites’ work at Studio One.

Awe-inspiring ska.

Stupendous, previously unissued rocksteady version of the monumental Skatalites scorcher from a few years earlier.

Rollicking, mid-sixties, post-Skatalites ska thriller, led by Bobby Ellis and Roland Alphonso, with slightly different soloing to the original release. With the sweet, forsaken Summertairs: ‘I love you, Errol.’

With a sweet Hamlins on the flip. From the compilation Studio One Schmaltz, out in time for Christmas. Superior Dub Store pressing.

Scorcher. Ska at the threshold of rocksteady. Mittoo and Dizzy Moore do it to it.