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The best compilation of The Skatalites’ work at Studio One.

Some breathtaking things here — jazzed-up, heavy funk.

With Raymond Harper, Baba Brooks, Drumbago and co.

Awe-inspiring ska.

Imperious detournement of Misora Hibari’s fabulous enka song Ringo Oiwake, about a woman searching for work far from home, reminded of her mother by the fragrance of apple-blossom, crying. Her ska avengement.

Blistering ska masterwork. Don D cuts a swathe with flashing analytical rigour. ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves,’ he attests. ‘To see what is right and not to do it is cowardice.’

Fans say that The Skatalites’ best recordings were made at Top Deck, where Justin Yap didn’t watch the clock, and the musicians could smoke weed. This was the title-track and opener of the 1965 LP.

Utterly stupendous space-funk recorded at the Black Ark in 1975, and mixed by King Tubby. Tommy McCook on flute, Chinna on rhythm guitar, Lloyd Brevett on double bass, Lloyd Knibb on fire.

Deeply soulful rock steady singing by the peerless Slim Smith, with an upbeat Webber Sisters on the flip. Bunny Lee productions, re-presented on heavy vinyl, in picture sleeves.