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With a nice Temptations.

Trilbies off to the herb superb — with a rocking backbeat, from 1966. Nice bass on the flip, too — strong, minor-key storybook-soul.

Flip it for A De Pon Dem. Rough!

Rocksteady party bomb. First time out for the horns instrumental on the B.

Superb rocksteady album from 1967, beautifully reproduced with Japanese care and attention.

Top-notch rock-steady, sequel to Safe Travel. Bunny Lee and Phil Pratt productions for the Ken Lack imprint, with musical supervision by Tommy McCook, Lynn Taitt and Johnny Moore.

1965 JA Latin-Calypso-Jazz from the master-pianist, who led a twenty-piece hotel band from the age of seventeen, and released three albums on Studio One. Solid rhythm section, with conga and percussion.

‘I introduce myself as the rudest of all rudeboys, some people call me Dreader Than Dread. If anyone tries to stop rudeboys they will get sick in their head and will end up in the cemetery because they’ll be dead.’