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Laid-back rocksteady soul from Noel, out of the Chosen Few — coupled with a fun Ike Bennett organ workout.

1966 rocksteady, elegantly heartfelt as Nat King Cole.

All-time classic instrumental and Shaka anthem. Staunch, fruity steppers; Trommie on point.

The 1963 LP debut of Cecil Bustamente Campbell, with backing from Drumbago, Lester Sterling, Rico and co, featuring quintessential Blue Beat like Madness and Shaking Up Orange Street.

The Lion of Judah shall break every chain. Although their oppression around us may fall, the Lion of Judah shall conquer them all. On the flip, the Bore Nose Coolie ain’t ruly, neither. Bustamente fire.

Such Is Life is one of those records which can steer you through. Ridiculously it’s CD-only here (like the great prison song, Come Down ‘68). Such is life.

Killer ska vocal from the dapper Creator in 1964, with Sonia Pottinger’s old man Lindon at the controls.
Nice jazzy calypso on the flip.

Plaintive, lovely Duke Reid pop from 1967, with a nice Tommy McCook on the other side.