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Tasty rudeboy anthems from Cedric ‘Congos’ Myton, Devon Russell and co —  a dancehall tribute, a jailhouse portent. Double-bass in the place.

Bumping rocksteady — with a gospel, Toots flavour to the A; a little more booting rhythm and blues to the flip.

Lovely Impressions impressions on the eve of the group’s departure from Brentford Road.

Unusual, fresh rocksteady version.

Totally killer ska music, the cream of the crop, produced by Justin Yap for Top Deck.
Pathetically cheap.

Ah, yes… takes you back to 1968… and sultry Kingston nights loungin’ downtown with Madame Wasp (that’s her on the cover), to a chilled cocktail of rocksteady, calypso, pop, jazz, mood and bossa.