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Rollicking, mid-sixties, post-Skatalites ska thriller, led by Bobby Ellis and Roland Alphonso, with slightly different soloing to the original release. With the sweet, forsaken Summertairs: ‘I love you, Errol.’

Sublime post-S1 vibes from Vin Morgan’s band — aka the rootical Underground Vegetables — recording for New Era in 1984. Brentford Road scorchers like Selection Train to their name; countless monumental sessions.

Majestic, jazzy, mystical roots.

With a sweet Hamlins on the flip. From the compilation Studio One Schmaltz, out in time for Christmas. Superior Dub Store pressing.

Scorcher. Ska at the threshold of rocksteady. Mittoo and Dizzy Moore do it to it.

Funkier-than-a-mosquito’s-tweeter glimpse of the couple of years it took this group to invent reggae, as the Studio One house-band from 1967 till the decade turned. And there’s a second volume coming.

As usual, killer rarities and certified classics in good proportion.

Chipper instrumental of The Melodians’ famous chart-buster about slavery, loss and displacement — backed with a rocking, hurting Alcapone and Ken Boothe, tearing away homeward in the mind.

A masterful, sublime cover of the Young Holt by the newly-formed combo; backed with Roy Richards’ classic harmonica version of Summertime.

Unmissable next cut of Love Land, featuring an uncredited Delroy Wilson, dub-plate style. Plus a nuts Peenie Wallie from Mittoo and Dennis Alcapone. ‘News as it happens…. Three crows on the coffin.’ RIP Mr Brown.

Classic, trumpet-led, early-seventies Upsetters instrumental. Like The Ethiopians and the Jimmy London, with an exclusive version, not included on the forthcoming album. Criss labels.

Sid Bucknor supervising a mix of master musicians from the London scene and JA visitors — Rico, Tan Tan, Lester Sterling, Winston Wright and co. Ace versions of Rebel Woman and the Lumumbo rhythm for starters.

The Stepping Razor’s inspired melodica cut of Armagideon has the dreadest atmosphere of the lot.

The blank originally revived a few years back by PK (to the licensor’s utter bafflement), and released together with a new ‘version’ by Rhythm And Sound, entitled No Partial…

Horsemouth the herb vendor in a meditative mood — crossing Upsetters and Pablo vibes at Brentford Road, no less. Totally killer roots melodica one-away. Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?