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Vintage Tubbys, with some Jacob Miller stuff for Inner Circle — and Shake Down.
Coloured vinyl. Get Down CD.

Deadly digi do-over of Java. The flipside version is not included in the compilation.

Instrumental piece of Willie Williams’ killer sufferers. The flipside dub is not on the compilation.

Digital productions, 1986-1994.

Cutting his teeth at Impact! with Clive Chin. Funky as gibbons, tight as arseholes. The Heptones, Dee Brung, Swing Easy. An absolute killer dub lesson… ‘Leave mi studio, sah!’ Crucial crucial crucial crucial.

Stone classic rebel rock from the teen at Randy’s in 1973, riding the success of Java. The Barrett Brothers, Chinna, Zoot Simms and co on an Upsetters, Santics like Horace’s Problems, Guiding Star. Ever awesome.

Utterly magnificent instrumental of Hugh Mundell’s Time Has Come.

Augustus’ son blowing beautifully over a finely crafted new dubwise rhythm, with glimpses of Sizzla and co on the flip.

Brilliant jazz lyricism, in the style of Kenny Burrell, by the thirty-three-year-old, at an impromptu 1965 session in the Federal Studio, with pianist Leslie Butler, drummer Carl McLeod and bassist Stephen Lauz.

Instrumentals in ska, mento and other Caribbean styles recorded in 1966, at the threshold of rocksteady. The only one of his eight Federal albums to feature ska. Super-fine LP from Dub Store.

Fire! The Federal musical director walks it like he talks it. Blazing horns and jazzy brilliance all round.